Ontario Mining

Mining has been a part of Ontario's fabric since the dawn of civilization and it is an integral component of its high-tech, environmentally-conscious future. Ontario's native population was the first to tap into the province's vast mineral wealth.  Major discoveries and mine development in the 20th century underpinned Ontario's rise to the status of Canada's most populous and wealthiest province, and supported Canada's development as an industrialized and globally competitive nation. 

Today, mining in Ontario is a multi-million dollar industry known around the world for its safety and environmental leadership, efficiency, productivity and innovation. Our members produce and process mineral resources that are the building blocks of everything from your kitchen sink to computer disk drives, wind turbines, hybrid cars, rechargeable batteries, catalytic converters, nanotechnology and beyond - where human ingenuity and aspiration for a greener future have yet to take us.

With a clear focus on the future, Ontario's dynamic mining industry is continually evolving to meet society's changing needs and expectations.  It is not just about what and how much we mine, but about our guiding values. Our members are committed to prioritizing the health and safety of their employees; minimizing the impact of their activities on the environment by adopting innovative technologies and approaches; contributing to the development and enhancement of local economies; and investing in the future by supporting human capital, education, research and development.

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