OMA Acknowledges Committee Leaders

Posted on Monday December 05, 2016

As a member-driven organization, the Ontario Mining Association (OMA) depends on the work of volunteers who serve on our committees. These committees provide a forum for OMA to address an array of critical issues and opportunities facing our community. They are integral to accomplishing the association's goals and ensuring that our strategy matches members' needs. 

OMA committees are comprised of individuals who represent a cross-section of the membership, and bring diverse expertise and ideas to the table. Harnessing the collective strength our highly engaged members is the core of our success - and nothing boosts a committee's efforts like a knowledgeable, dedicated, constructive and focused leader. In that regard, the OMA benefits from the guidance of exceptional committee chairs and vice chairs. We would like to acknowledge the ongoing work of the following individuals:

  • Derek Budge, Director - Health, Safety and Environment at J.S. Redpath Ltd; Chair of OMA's Mining Rules Committee and co-Chair of the Mining Legislative Review Committee
  • Chantal Clement, Director, Environment, Canada & US at Goldcorp; Chair of OMA's Environment Committee
  • Frank Demers, General Manager of KGHM International's Sudbury Operations; Chair of OMA's Mine Managers' Committee
  • Remi Desrosiers, Application Engineer at GE Canada; Vice Chair of OMA's Hoist Plant Committee 
  • Donna Kirkpatrick, Superintendent - Claims at Vale; Chair of OMA's Workers' Compensation and Occupational Health Committee
  • Lisa Lanteigne, Manager - Environment, Soil and Water at Vale; Past Chair of OMA's Environment Committee 
  • Peter LarsenVice President International Safety, Sales & Marketing, KAL Tire Mining; Chair of OMA's Education and Outreach Committee
  • Frank Pilkington, Maintenance/Logistics General Foreman, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (Glencore); Chair of OMA's Hoist Committee
  • George Shields, Electrical Engineering Superintendent at De Beers Canada; Chair of OMA's Energy Committee
  • Fred St. Jean, Manager, Safety and Occupational Health at Vale; Chair of OMA's Safety and Training Committee

In addition, we wholeheartedly welcome the following newly appointed committee leaders:

  • Nancy Duquet-Harvey, Environmental Superintendent at Alamos Gold; Vice Chair of OMA's Environment Committee
  • John Mullally, Director Government Affairs at Goldcorp; Vice Chair of OMA's Energy Committee
  • Roger Souckey, Director, CSR & HR Coffee Project at Goldcorp; Chair of OMA's Aboriginal Relations Committee
  • Derek Teevan, SVP Corporate and Aboriginal Affairs at  Detour Gold Corporation, Vice Chair of OMA's Aboriginal Relations Committee
As well, we wish to thank the following members for their dedicated committee service:
  • Ingrid Hann, retired as Vice President HR at  De Beers Canada; and former Chair of OMA's Education and Outreach Committee 
  • Marie-Hélène Turgeon, Environment, Permitting and Sustainability Manager at Detour Gold Corporation; former Past Chair of OMA's Environment Committee 
  • Colin Webster, Vice President of Sustainability and External Affairs at Alamos Gold; former Chair of OMA's Aboriginal Relations Committee 

We are deeply grateful to the professionals listed above for agreeing to devote their valuable time and considerable skills to making us more effective at advocating for the industry and working toward making Ontario a world leader in mining.